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Heritage & Urban Development at Pokfulam

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posted on 2022-04-11, 01:47 authored by Gary Pui-fung Wong

“Heritage Preservation and Urban Development in Pokfulam” is the outcome of an experiential learning project of the undergraduate course A Cultural Study of Tourisms and Tourists (2015-2016) offered by Department of Sociology of the University of Hong Kong. Students participated in experiential learning activities and were engaged in critical discussion on the role of heritage tourism to heritage preservation and urban development at Pokfulam.

Pokfulam is situated at the southwest of Hong Kong Island, where the city’s history can be seen. It is primarily a residential district now, with declared monuments, a country park, relics of dairy farming facilities, one of the oldest living villages in Hong Kong, as well as the city’s first reservoir and first university.

In 2014, the government partially lifted the Pokfulam Moratorium to lessen restriction on land sale and development projects at Pokfulam South. How would urban development impact on the built heritage and daily lives of residents? How could a heritage tour at Pokfulam help deepen tourists’ understanding of the untold stories of Pokfulam and the complexity of Hong Kong history? What is the role of heritage tourism to the preservation of cultural heritage? 

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Course title and course code

A Cultural Study of Tourisms and Tourists (SOCI2055) 

Project title

Bridging History and Future: Designing a Heritage Tour at Pokfulam Village and Its Vicinity

Community partner 

Caritas Pokfulam Community Development Project 

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Roundtable Enterprise

Walk In Hong Kong

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Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre, The University of Hong Kong

Team members

Course Instructor & Chief Editor Gary Wong

Project coordinator: Samantha Li

Course Tutor: Steve Cheung

Student Helper: Iris Cheung, Rocky Keung, Wendy Leung, Yeung Ching Mingme

Design production: Walk In Hong Kong

Cover & Graphic Design: Winnie Yoe 

Editorial Design: Miu Chan, Christy Chan, Waisze Leung, 

Editorial and AR consultant Proofreading: Waisze Leung

Editorial support: Sherry Cheng, Danny Yeung, Katrina Yip

Special thanks 

Cultural Sub-committee, University Hall Students’ Association, HKUSU James Hayes

Melissa Cate Christ

Olive Wong Lok Yan

Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong

Piera Chen

Pokfulam Village Cultural Landscape Conservation Co. Ltd. The Industrial History of Hong Kong Group

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This travel guidebook is an outcome of the course “A Cultural Study of Tourisms and Tourists (SOCI2055)”, second semester, 2015- 2016, that generously supported by Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre. The published content was rewritten, edited and reviewed by course instructor and the editorial team.

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