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A Multi-Agent-Based Simulation: Explore the Adaptability of Route Deviation Demand Responsive Transit

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posted on 2023-02-07, 02:19 authored by Hui WangHui Wang, Jing Teng, Becky Pui Ying LooBecky Pui Ying Loo

This research aims to explore the feasibility of replacing fixed route transit (FRT) with route deviation demand responsive transit (RdDRT) in low passenger density areas. A multi-agent-based simulation model on AnyLogic platform is designed to assess the performance of RdDRT and FRT under different scenarios. This study also develops a vehicle operation simulation algorithm, that considers holding control and route deviation strategies. It is through checking the static and dynamic slack time, and remaining vehicle capacity to judge if there is a need to perform the dynamic routes. A real-world case of Shanghai bus No.66 is performed, and the simulation reveals that the combination of "small vehicle and large fleet size" is recommended for low passenger flow scenarios and the combination of "large vehicle and high-frequency departure" is recommended for high passenger flow scenarios. 


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