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ANTIELAB Research Data Archive - Mobilization Map Data

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Version 2 2022-12-08, 03:01
Version 1 2021-02-23, 07:35
posted on 2022-12-08, 03:01 authored by King Wa FuKing Wa Fu, Elgar Teo

Microdata of the ANTIELAB Research Data Archive - Mobilization Map

Field definition (event.csv):

event-id: an unique event identifier

date: date of the event

time: hour of a day of the event

link: url link(s) to the call for action posts on the Telegram channel

type: type of the event

district: one of the 18 Hong Kong districts (in Chinese)

location1-13: specific locations identified in the post(s) (in Chinese)

The shape file contains the WSG84 coordinates of each of the identified locations of every event. You can look up the geographical coordinates of the events by matching the field ‘event_id’ in the shape file with that in the CSV file. The coordinates are provided by Google’s Geocoding API and Place API.

December 7, 2022:  This updated version fixes a data format issue occurred when exporting the coordinates to the data repository. It also makes the date format of the events consistent to avoid user’s misidentification. These changes do not affect the analysis and the results of the original paper. 


Teo, E., Fu, KW. A novel systematic approach of constructing protests repertoires from social media: comparing the roles of organizational and non-organizational actors in social movement. J Comput Soc Sc (2021).