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Capturing the moments of living in Hong Kong’s public housing

posted on 2022-08-11, 09:45 authored by Gary Pui-fung Wong, Wing Sze MakWing Sze Mak, Ka Man TongKa Man Tong, Mui Sin Nadia Chu

This database is one of the project outcomes of "Capturing the moments of living in Hong Kong’s public housing: A record and analysis of the use of home space with three-dimensional techniques", carried out in 2021-2022. The project team assisted 10 households living in public rental housing estates in Hong Kong to capture the 3D images of their homes, by 3D scanning devices with Lidar function. This project recorded and analyzed the use of home space in public housing, empowered residents to make the record on their own, and encouraged the public's further reflections on the formation of home space.

This database includes the original polygon mesh files of the 3D image scanning exercises. The public housing estates visited include: Ap Lei Chau Estate (1 unit), Kai Ching Estate (1 unit), Lei Muk Shue Estate (1 unit), Lei Tung Estate (1 unit), and Wah Fu Estate (5 units). 

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