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Dataset and supplementary movies for geophysical mass flows against a flexible ring net barrier

posted on 2022-07-26, 01:16 authored by Yong Kong, Mingfu GuanMingfu Guan

The supplementary movies S1, S2, and S3 (presented in Figures 1 and 3) show typical debris flow, debris avalanche, and rock avalanche impacting a flexible ring net barrier with vint = 6 m/s, respectively.

These data are generated by desk computers in the lab and are about geophysical flows against a flexible ring net barrier. Tables 4, 5, 6, 7 and E1 provide original data for Figures 4, 5, 6, 7 and E1 in the paper, respectively.

The experimental data used for comparison in Figure 4b from the large-scale flume test V6-B1 with a flexible ring net barrier was published open access in the below article (Vicari et al., 2021).

Vicari, H., Ng, C. W., Nordal, S., Thakur, V., De Silva, W. R. K., Liu, H., & Choi, C. E. (2021). The Effects of Upstream Flexible Barrier on the Debris Flow Entrainment and Impact Dynamics on a Terminal Barrier. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 59(6), 1007-1019.


National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project #51909227)

The University Grants Council of Hong Kong (RGC/GRF Project #27202419)


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