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Dataset for the thesis entitled "On the causes and consequences of hypertension"

posted on 2022-01-07, 01:19 authored by Io Ieong ChanIo Ieong Chan

The data provided and/or described here facilitate the replication of the findings detailed in the thesis titled “On the causes and consequences of hypertension”. The Hong Kong Department of Health Elderly Health Service Cohort was used to validate and recalibrate a prediction model for all-cause mortality (Chapter 3), and assessment of selection bias (Chapter 4). Publicly available genetic metadata were obtained to investigate the role of blood pressure on cardiovascular and longevity (Chapter 5), as well as cancer (Chapter 6), and also the role of pubertal timing on blood pressure (Chapter 7), growth and sex hormones (Chapter 8), and finally the men’s phenome in the UK Biobank (Chapter 9).


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