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Reason: There are sensitive and confidential data (i.e. interview scripts and responses from study participants) in the dataset, so I apply access restrictions (permanent embargo) on the submitted files due to privacy concerns.

Dataset for thesis entitled The Role, Burden, and Capture of Regulatory Intermediaries: NGOs in China’s Environmental Public Interest Litigation System

posted on 2022-12-14, 02:11 authored by Rongzhen MaRongzhen Ma

In this thesis, various qualitative research methods were employed to explore the involvement of ENGOs in China’s environmental regulatory governance. The data are gathered by (1) conducting interviews with lawyers, ENGO staff, and volunteers; (2) documenting archived materials; and (3) conducting direct observation as a participant-as-observer. 

I conducted a total of 49 interviews from 2016 to 2020. I also conducted content analysis of 229 archived EPIL cases (with detailed information, including the parties, outcomes, and claims) and other supporting documents. 

Those data are included in this dataset. 


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