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Dataset for thesis submission "Global China goes green: Environmental politics of the Belt and Road Initiative"

posted on 2023-04-03, 01:23 authored by Xiaofeng LiuXiaofeng Liu

The dataset is for the thesis "Global China goes green: Environmental politics of the Belt and Road Initiative".

A “Global China” is emerging, as the country’s overseas engagement expands, notably infrastructure development under the aegis of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Concerns and criticisms about the BRI’s environmental challenges pushed the Chinese government to formalize the “Green Belt and Road” (Green BRI). This research explores the motivations and mobilizations of diverse BRI participants in pursuing environmental governance to address how the Green BRI is implemented, negotiated, and instantiated. Situating in existing academic debates on rising powers, Global China, and environmental governance, the research relies on the analysis of archives and interviews and observations collected from fieldwork and online channels. The dataset has 5 components related to the Green BRI, including online interview transcripts, fieldwork materials, discussion observations, NGO Reports, and governmental policies. All the materials are compiled for content and discourse analysis.