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posted on 2022-03-24, 09:00 authored by Shijie LinShijie Lin, Yinqiang ZhangYinqiang Zhang, Lei Yu, Bin Zhou, Xiaowei Luo, Jia PanJia Pan
The Event-based Autofocus Dataset (EAD):
We provide all datasets in two formats: MAT file for Matlab and aedat4 for DV.

We recommend using the aedat4 files since they can be loaded easily using DV. The MAT files are converted from aedar4 for our code. We have included time-synchronized focal positions in the MAT file.


You can directly use it or use the `focus_position.txt`. The format is:
timestamp_focal_position position

We also include the png file for visualization. The png file is named by its timestamp.

`gt_focus_points.txt` is the ground truth focal position after carefully calibration. The format is:
sequence_name position

Dataset format:
> gt_focus_points.txt
> - sequence name
> images/***.png
> ***.aedat4
> ***.mat
> focus_position.txt

Please cite our work if you use the data .

title={Autofocus for Event Cameras},
author={Shijie, Lin and Yinqiang, Zhang and Lei, Yu and Bin, Zhou and Xiaowei, Luo and Jia, Pan},
booktitle={The IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},


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