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Jockey Club Golden Age Journey Project (Version 1.0)

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posted on 2024-01-30, 04:01 authored by Vivian Weiqun LouVivian Weiqun Lou, Yuen Man ChengYuen Man Cheng

The Jockey Club Golden Age Journey (JCGAJ) Project
The JCGAJ project aims to bridge the service gap and develop a comprehensive intervention that caters specifically to the needs of individuals aged 50 to 74 within the young-old population. By understanding the unique challenges, aspirations, and resources of this age group, we can design tailored programs and services that promote their holistic wellbeing and facilitate their active and purposeful engagement in later adulthood.

  • Vision: Reinvigorate young-old and build an interoperative ecosystem for an informed retirement plan.
  • Mission: (1) eudemonia, (2) relational goods, (3) synergetic ecosystem, and (4) philanthropic initiative in making social impacts.
  • Values: (1) enlightenment, (2) mastery, and (3) adventure.

Unlock the wealth of knowledge and insights from the JCGAJ dataset
The JCGAJ project, conducted between November 2019 and April 2023, collected data from a diverse group of individuals aged 50 to 74. This extensive dataset, obtained with the approval of the Human Research Ethics Committee at The University of Hong Kong, provides a unique opportunity to understand the challenges, aspirations, and resources of this age group.

With over 3,500 valid samples, the dataset covers various dimensions of wellbeing and retirement planning. It includes information collected through a comprehensive questionnaire administered via Qualtrics and a dedicated platform. The dataset is organized into seven blocks of measures, which are detailed in the recently published book: Lou, V. W. Q. & Cheng, C. Y. M. (2024). Seven Resources for Lifelong Wellbeing and Retirement Planning: The Golden Age Playbook. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

We believe that the dataset represents a significant contribution to the field and offers a unique opportunity to advance research and practice in the realm of aging and retirement. Join us in utilizing this valuable resource to inform policy decisions, develop innovative interventions, and shape a future where individuals in their golden years can thrive. Send us a request for downloading and exploring the dataset:

Codebook can be download here:


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