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Reason: The file contained the unpublished dataset. The project will be continued in future. Therefore, the files are under embargo until it is published.

Neuron-astroglial communication: Exosomal heparanase isoforms released from astrocyte modulate synaptic strength

posted on 2021-12-15, 02:32 authored by Cheuk Ning WongCheuk Ning Wong

This files contains data to support the following experimental results:

Results presented in this study provide evidences that heparanase 2 and astrocytes heparanase associated ADEV in response to NMDA stimulation exhibit inhibitory effect to synaptic plasticity by enhancing the bulk internalization of surface AMPA receptors and Syndecan 3 from the neuronal surface. This study is also the first time revealing the microstructure of heparanase associated exosome derived from astrocyte.


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