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Oyster holobiont response to acidification and hypoxia data.xlsx (158.77 kB)

Oyster Holobiont response to acidification and hypoxia Hemraj et al., 2023 Frontiers Ecology Evolution

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posted on 2023-05-02, 03:50 authored by Deevesh Ashley Hemraj, Laura J Falkenberg, Khan CheungKhan Cheung, Lauren Man, Alessia CariniAlessia Carini, Bayden Dwight RussellBayden Dwight Russell

The data set is composed of data measured from an experiment involving exposing oyster holobiont to acidification and hypoxia. We aimed to understand the physiological trade-offs involved in oysters based on their exposure to stressful environments and how the microbial community associated with the oysters will also respond. We also measure changes in nutrient processing capability of the holobiont by measuring changes in nutrient concentrations. 


Universitas 21 Fellowship

University of Hong Kong Postdoctoral fellowship