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Support data for the immune mechanism of pembrolizumab induced mycobacterium tuberculosis granuloma formation in metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma

posted on 2021-08-02, 03:48 authored by Tae Yang Desmond HungTae Yang Desmond Hung
Thank you very much for kind interest in my data.

The data regarding my dataset is about multiplex immunohistochemistry staining. Multiplex staining is a cutting edge technology that allows the visualization of multiple biomarkers. The images were taken with Akoya Bioscience Vectra Polaris Imagining machine and analysed with InForm software.

The complete data set is uploaded. I have four panels, which are the EBV, Myeloid, Lymphoid and Functional panels. A zip file for each panel was uploaded. Each zip file should at least contained an Excel files for recording all the quantified data for the phenotype of interest, a GraphPad Prism file for the graphs and the component images for inspecting the staining pattern.

Some of the cell types, such as the PD1+CD8+, CD68+CD163-, DEC205 displayed some significance changes across different tissues.

Further details please refer to my thesis.


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