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Supporting Data for "Plasticity of the Adult Stereoscopic System: Effects of TMS"

posted on 2022-11-29, 06:59 authored by Kwan Nok Justin OrKwan Nok Justin Or

Dataset consists of data obtained from 2 experiments, the behavioral experiment (Chapter 2) and the fMRI experiment (Chapter 3). The file with "Behavioral" as a prefix contains the behavioral thresholds obtained from depth and luminance discrimination tasks before and after cTBS (V1/V2, LOC, and Cz). The files with "fMRI" as a prefix contain behavioral thresholds and neural responses of performing depth and luminance tasks, before and after cTBS (LOC, and Cz).


Seed Fund for Basic Research 20/21 (The University of Hong Kong). (202011159092 Plasticity of the adult stereoscopic system: Combined effects of TMS and perceptual learning)

Promoting Binocular Visual Plasticity

University Grants Committee

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