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Supporting Data for “Pluralized Wetland Governance: Landscape Materiality and the Politics of Knowledge Production in Tai Lake Basin, China”

posted on 2023-03-13, 01:48 authored by Ting WangTing Wang

This research explores the emergence of wetland parks as a site of ‘plural governance’ in late socialist China and their imbrication with the transition of the Chinese state from an authoritarian regime to multiple governmentality that is more open to reform and governing experiments involving non-state actors. By exploring the roles of administrators, ecologists, landscape designers and other local agents in the production of new knowledge about wetland construction and emergent discourses about nature and the environment, the study illustrates how wetland management decisions have been both constrained and enabled by the bureaucratic system of the state, the moral commitment of individual actors with divergent disciplinary trainings, as well as the material contingencies of specific landscapes.

This dataset includes the key interview transcripts of my interviewees who are involved in contemporary Chinese wetland park development. The dataset also includes a subfolder which store key drawings I made or adapted as reference.