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Reason: All of the data contained within this archive represents studies that are still in preparation to submit for publication. This archive contains both the full datasets and scripts required to completely reproduce the analyses and findings described in my dissertation, some of which represent novel techniques and datasets for which there are currently no comparable publications (such as the compound-specific amino acid nitrogen enrichment dataset presented in Chapter 5, which is the first of its kind). As such, I am concerned that making this data publicly available may put me at risk for having my ideas and data used by others before I am able to publish my own work myself and would like to protect its contents in the meantime.







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Supporting Data for "Primary Producers on Coral Reefs: From Diversity to Function"

posted on 2023-10-18, 04:04 authored by Alison Diane Corley, David Michael BakerDavid Michael Baker, Shelby Eileen Mc Sharry Mc Ilroy

This repository contains the supporting datasets and scripts for analyses of the thesis titled "Primary Producers on Coral Reefs: From Diversity to Function", submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at The University of Hong Kong, School of Biological Sciences, Area of Ecology and Biodiversity.

This thesis was completed under the primary supervision of Dr. David M. Baker, and co-supervision of Dr. Shelby McSharry McIlroy.

Chapter 2 (Challenging the Urban Biotic Homogenization Hypothesis: Marine Eukaryote Communities Characterized through 18S DNA Metabarcoding) and Chapter 3 (Surveying Algal Biodiversity Across the Urbanized Seascape of the Hong Kong SAR: A Search for Potential Metabarcoding Bioindicators) present separate anlyses based on the same set of DNA amplicon sequences and accompanying environmental data. These two chapters are combined in one directory (Ch2Ch3_MarineGeo18S), within which there is a folder for the raw data and another folder for bioinformatics scripts. Chapters 4 (Tracing the Flow of Nutrients through an Acropora Holobiont Using Dual-Isotope Labelling) and 5 (Comparing Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Amino Acid Metabolism in an Acropora Holobiont through Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Analyses of Carbon and Nitrogen) each have their own folder, within which there are separate directories for the data and scripts.

Further details regarding the contents of each folder can be found in the README file.


Symbiosis in the sea: a comparative study of mutualism, symbiont competition, and parasitism on coral reefs

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MarineGEO-Hong Kong: Towards an understanding of marine biodiversity and ecosystem function, ECF, 67-2016

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