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Reason: Access withheld as dataset contains unpublished and raw interview data (with participant identifying information)

Supporting Data for "(Re)Searching the Multilingual in Hong Kong: A Language Policy Case Study in a Language-Minoritised Educational Context"

posted on 2023-11-14, 02:59 authored by Ying An Natalie ChoiYing An Natalie Choi

Examining language policy effects in an ethnolinguistically diverse and minoritised educational context in Hong Kong, this study's research design employed both discourse analytic and ethnographic methodologies. Contextualised through discourse analyses of language policy documents, this case study's dataset includes raw data generated from school participant observations (gathering of school materials and images, observation/fieldnotes and students' creation of multimodal portfolios) and participant interactions (audio recordings from individual and group interviews). Accompanying interview transcripts, annotations, ethical and consent documentation is also provided.