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Supporting data and scripts for the thesis"Neural Cognitive Mechanisms and Modulation of the Self-Positivity Bias"

posted on 2022-04-06, 08:31 authored by Ziqing YaoZiqing Yao
The dataset and code support the Ph.D. entitled "Neural Cognitive Mechanisms and Modulation of the Self-Positivity Bias." This folder contains all empirical data and analysis R code for five chapters investigating self positivity biases.

Chapters 2 to 4 investigated optimism bias using the classic belief updating paradigm with EEG recording. Chapter 3 used the transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) method to probe the causal relationship between frontal cortical activities and optimism bias. Chapter 4 combined data from chapter 2 and chapter 3 and focused on the oscillation signatures underlying optimism bias.

Chapter 5 and chapter 6 investigated self-evaluative memory biases using cue approach training protocol and targeted memory reactivation method. Because these chapters shared both experimental design and data analysis protocol, these two chapters' datasets and R code support are placed within one folder.

Note that each folder title specifies the chapter ID. Both R script and data are included, and they should be saved in the same folder to run the R code.