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Supporting data for "A functional study of PIK3CA genomic alterations in serous ovarian cancer"

posted on 2022-09-07, 08:45 authored by Hei Ip HongHei Ip Hong, Wai Ting Lydia CheungWai Ting Lydia Cheung

The dataset consists of 5 folders, including the in vitro functional assay data, raw blots for Western Blotting, a list of proteins identified by RPPA for the Venn diagram, qPCR results, immunofluorescence data (IF) results, and the drug sensitivity assay results. In the folder of the functional assay data, the raw images of the colony formation assay as well as the quantification data for the cell viability assay, colony formation assay, cell cycle analysis, and cell migration and invasion assays are documented. 


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