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Supporting data for "Application of Statistical Learning Principles in Cantonese Grammar Intervention for Preschool Children: Effects of Exemplar Variability"

posted on 2023-07-20, 08:41 authored by Kwai Hon FongKwai Hon Fong, M. Y. Anita Wong, Taiying Lee

This file contains the data set for two studies: a meta-analysis and a language intervention study. In the meta-analysis, we examine whether high exemplar variability in the language input is more facilitative for language learning than low exemplar variability in the language input. Previous studies of language learning (both natual language and artificial grammar) that compared the performance between high and low exemplar variability conditions were included in the meta-analysis. Also, the potential moderator of language status of the learners (with or without language disorders) was included in the analysis.

In the language intervention study, Cantonese-speaking preschool children with and without Developmental Language Disorder were recruited for a Cantonese grammar intervention. The children were randomly assigned to high or low exemplar variability condition, and received 12 training sessions. The intervention program consists of multiple pretreatment baseline measures, during treatment probe test, and retention test. The children's performance were recorded in the dataset for analysis.