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Supporting data for Applications of a mussel-inspired monomer in dentin bonding

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Supporting data for "Applications of a mussel-inspired monomer in dentin bonding"

posted on 2022-05-08, 10:28 authored by Kang Li, James Kit-Hon Tsoi, Cynthia Kar Yung YiuCynthia Kar Yung Yiu

The dataset is the supporting data for the PhD thesis "Applications of a mussel-inspired monomer in dentin bonding".    

As a little shellfish globally prevails in the ocean, mussel is featured with its distinctive wet adhesion properties. When in the hostile ocean environment, mussel is subjected to the sudden crashes from tidal waves in different directions, periodic temperature variation, and attacks from attached microbes. Equally, within the intraoral cavities, the resin-dentin interface has to withstand numerous repeated mechanical forces caused by daily chewing activities, provide a solid bonding structure against the hydrolysis threat from residual water or saliva, endure aggravated volumetric stress induced by repeated changes in temperature, suffer from the chemical degradation caused by secondary caries, as well as resist the enzymatic attacks from host-derived proteases and exogenous collagenase. Therefore, a mussel-inspired resin monomer, namely dopamine methacrylamide (DMA), was selected and evaluated in the current research.


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