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Supporting data for “Arsenic trioxide exhibits antileukemic effect and induces autophagy in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines”

posted on 2021-09-15, 06:31 authored by Yinxia Qiu

Western blotting, RT-qPCR, MTT and apoptosis results were collected in this dataset, which were separated into four corresponding subfolders under the main folder.

The first folder (1 western blotting), which is the western blotting results, contains several folders with the name of “cell line name (space) experiment conducted date”. In each of these several folders, there are one or two image files supplemented with 1 word file giving a detailed description of the label for the obtained images.

The second folder (2 RT-qPCR), which is the RT-qPCR results, contains 2 excel files. The cell line tested, the treatment status and the targeting genes are properly labelled in these two files.

The third folder (3 MTT), which is the MTT results, contains 3 subfolders named after the main treatment regimens. In each of these 3 subfolders, there are several excel files with the name in the form of “cell line name (space) incubation time (space) analysis method (space) experiment conducted date”. In each of the excel file, the data were analyzed and properly labelled.

The firth folder (4 apoptosis), which is the apoptosis results, contains 69 subfolders named in the form of “apoptosis (space) cell line name (space) incubation time (space) experiment conducted date”. In each of these 69 subfolders, there are several files indicating different cell lines and treatment regimens.


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