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Aspects of bioactive glass in dental resin composites

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Supporting data for "Aspects of bioactive glass in dental resin composites"

posted on 2022-06-13, 05:50 authored by Jiaojiao Yun

The files contain the data on the physical, mechanical properties, mineralization ability, in vitro biocompatibility, and antibacterial activities on biofilms formation of low quantities (0.0, 1.9, 3.8, and 7.7 vol%) of BAG-loaded resin composites.  The surface nanohardness of specimens was evaluated by AFM. Compressive strength, flexural strength, flexural modulus, and biaxial flexural strength were evaluated using a universal testing machine. Water sorption and water solubility of resin composites were also evaluated. The mineralization ability, including elemental (Ca, P, and Si) concentration measured by  ICP-OES, pH changes analyzed by pH meteral, and apatite formation assessed using SEM, XRD and FTIR, was also assessed. In addition, in vitro biocompatibility of resin composites, including cell adhesion, cell proliferation, and cell differentiation, was evaluated using live/dead cell staining, CCK-8 kit, ALP assay, and CLSM. Finally, the bacterial viability in S. mutans biofilms was analysed via XTT-assay, CFU counting, live/dead bacterial staining. The antibacteria activities on biofilm structure, biofilm thickenss and cell viability throughout biofilm depth were also assessed.


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