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Supporting data for "Bilingual Effects in Mandarin-English Bilingual Adolescents"

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posted on 2021-12-28, 02:07 authored by Adam John PriviteraAdam John Privitera
Files associated with the thesis "Bilingual Effects in Mandarin-English Bilingual Adolescents" by Adam John Privitera. Files include behavioral task data from the Attention Network Test and Simon task, as well as associated R code for analysis. Data were collected during a study exploring the influence of bilingual language experience on inhibitory control and attentional function in a sample of Mandarin-English bilingual high school students. All data included were collected online using the Gorilla Experiment Builder. Dependent variables include reaction times and accuracy rates for each task. Predictor variables include a range of language history variables from the Language History Questionnaire (Li et al., 2020), SES, Age, perceived stress (Cohen, 1983), and number of hours playing video games or musical instruments. Data are organized in long format (i.e., one trial per row). All participant information has been anonymized.


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