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Supporting data for “ Bioproduction and Characterisation of Recombinant Anti-CRP Antibody"

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posted on 2021-11-30, 03:13 authored by Jiaxing PengJiaxing Peng
There are two folders in the Dataset (Main folder). Supporting data-Folder 1 includes the supporting data for the thesis. Supporting data-Folder 2 includes a poster for the 26th Medical Research Conference.

In the Supporting data-Folder-1, the raw data of ELISA reads and cell viability were recorded in the format of GraphPad Prism. The student's t-test are also recorded in these documents.

Supporting Data for Figure 3.3 ELISA of groups of antibody expression covers the raw data of the level of antibody expression level from different designed expression plasmids.

Supporting Data for Figure 3.4 ExpiCHO culture covers the raw data of the recorded cell viability and antibody level in culture medium during ExpiCHO cell culture.

Supporting Data for Figure 4.1 ELISA comparison for anti-CRP antibodies covers the the the level of ELISA reads using different antibodies as primary antibody in different concentration.


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