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Supporting data for “CLP36 Promotes p53-deficiency Induced Tumor Growth via Up-regulation of YAP1 Signaling”.

posted on 2021-12-22, 09:44 authored by Yixuan LuYixuan Lu

The dataset includes the in vitro and in vivo experimental results during my PhD study. In vivo, there are the histological images of tumor samples from human patients and transgenic mice, showing that CLP36 ablation significantly inhibits spontaneous tumor growth of p53-null mice and increases p53-null mice survival rate. In vitro, there are kinds of results from functional studies including cell proliferation, anchorage independent growth and migration. Together, these data suggest that CLP36 plays an important promotional role in tumor progression and development via regulating YAP1 degradation and provide proof of principle that CLP36 is an effective therapeutic target for cancer.