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Reason: This is an ongoing longitudinal project that is still collecting data.

Supporting data for "Can Boarding versus Day School Experience Make a Difference for Rural Chinese Preschoolers’ Development?"

posted on 2021-08-09, 02:10 authored by Nan XiaoNan Xiao, Xiao ZhangXiao Zhang

This dataset is the supporting dataset for my doctoral thesis. Study one is about the stress response and behavior adjustment during the transition to preschool for three months. There are two data files for study one: One for saliva assay result (stress response indicators, cortisol, and saliva alpha-amylase), and the other for questionnaire results (boarding status, control variables, demographics, school refusal, and caregiver-reported problem behaviors).

Study two is about the one-year developmental difference for boarders and non-boarders across domains (physical, social and academic). The one data file for study two includes boarding status, demographics, control variables, and developmental outcome variables.


National Natural Science Foundation (Project: 31970999)

Sunglory Educational Institute (Project: SEI-QXZ-2018-13)


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