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Supporting data for Cellular and molecular dysregulations of neutrophils in systemic lupus

posted on 2022-10-17, 09:33 authored by Jie MaJie Ma

(1) Clinical research data:

Database containing patients’ data including patients’ clinical parameters are organized by our clinical research assistants with restricted access. Patients’ clinical data are anonymised and used for correlation analysis with laboratory data by GraphPad prism.

(2) Laboratory research data

1) Flow cytometry:  The data are automatically saved in .LMD or .fcs files. Then, the raw data will be copied by thumb drives and analysed by FlowJo software. After analysis, data can be saved in .wsp files.

2) qPCR: The raw data are saved in the .eds format and

can be exported as .xls files. Excel and GraphPad prism are used for further analysis. Data collection of qPCR will follow the minimum information for publication of quantitative real-time PCR experiments (MIQE) guidelines.

3) Western Blot: PVDF membranes are scanned by ChemiDoc Imaging System (Bio-Rad). The raw data are saved in .scn files, the images are saved in .jpg and .tif

formats. Further quantification is performed by Bio-Rad New Image Lab Software.

4) Immunofluorescence staining: Images are taken by Nikon Ni-U fluorescence microscope and saved in .tif files.

5) ELISA, Bradford and Endotoxin detection assay: Microplate reader is used to detect and process biological and chemical data using absorbance. Data are exported

in .xls files.

6)Pyrosequencing: Data are processed and exported in .xls files.

7) ATAC-sequencing assay: Data are processed and exported in .xls and .gz files.


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