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Supporting data for "Characterization of the Cancer Stemness Effect of gene MAEL on HCC"

posted on 06.05.2021, 02:05 authored by Chaoran ShiChaoran Shi
Hepatocellular carcinoma is the worldwide health problem. According to analysis the RNA sequencing of three paired HCC and adjacent non-tumor samples, we found several oncogenes played critical roles in development and progression on HCC. Our previous study has demonstrated that gene MAEL was up-regulated in tumor samples compared with matched no-tumor smples. High expression of MAEL associated with HCC metastasis and poor overall survival rate. Functional study showed overexpression of MAEL increased cell growth, mobility, which medicated by AKT pathways activity and inducing EMT. Moreover, MAEL transfected cell upregulated stemness related gene and CSC surface markers in mRNA level as well as enriched CD133 percentage. The dataset includes the Flow cytometry results, IF staining, In vitro functional studies, tumor formation in nude mice, Sorafenib treatment ELISA and RNA-Seq as the data information txt of each file folder/


HMRF 04150826