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Supporting data for “Chemical Biology Study the Post-translational Modifications of High Mobility Group Protein Family”

posted on 2021-08-12, 09:56 authored by Tongyao WeiTongyao Wei, Xuechen LiXuechen Li

My PhD study primary contains two projects:

Part 1. Reveal the function of triple phosphorylation on HMGA1a via synthetic proteins

Part 2. Salicylaldehyde ester-mediated protein semi-synthesis enables studies on the tetra-acetylation of HMGB1

Therefore, you can find all my processed and raw data related to these two projects at two different file.

The key data was organised in the Figure and Descriptoon word file.

*The Prism software (Prism 8) was used to process and analyse part of data. So the Prism files containing raw date were attached.

*For the gel figures, normally we cut out the key areas for presentation. So the original gel figures without cutting were attached in the word file.


Research Grants Council of Hong Kong: 17309616