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Supporting data for "Chemoselective modular constructions of peptides and cyclic peptides functional architectures"

posted on 2023-01-30, 03:04 authored by Hey Pui CheungHey Pui Cheung, Xuechen LiXuechen Li


During the past decade, peptide-based therapeutics have become one of the hot spots in drug development due to their high selectivity, tolerability and customizability. In particular, cyclic peptides that are restrained in their bioactive states have been reported with better biological activities compared to their linear counterparts, such as higher binding affinity and improved stability towards protease degradation. The development of novel strategies to construct cyclic peptides and hybrid peptide/cyclic peptide structures for biological and pharmaceutical studies is of great importance. 

In this thesis, three methodological studies for the construction of cyclic peptide related architectures, peptide-peptide/drug conjugates, and novel cyclic peptide one-bead-one-compound (OBOC) libraries were carried out respectively. 

In this dataset, we have included the experimental details of the three studies, containing the materials and reagents, methods and procedures, synthetic routes, characterizations and all other relavent data.   


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