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Supporting data for "Circadian Rhythm and Insomnia in Youths"

posted on 2022-05-19, 03:40 authored by Forrest CheungForrest Cheung

The folder contains six datasets used in the PhD thesis titled “Circadian Rhythm and Insomnia in Youths” by CHEUNG Tin Wai Forrest; each dataset corresponds to one study in the thesis. Dataset 1 (for Study 1) contained the processed data extracted from a systemic review used in the meta-analysis. Dataset 2 (for Study 2) contained cross-sectional data on sleep patterns and chronotype (timing of sleep and wake) in a group of Hong Kong youths. Dataset 3 (for Study 3) contains data on circadian characteristics (measured by questionnaire, actigraphy, and dim-light melatonin onset assessment) in patients with insomnia and delayed sleep-wake phase disorder. Dataset 4 (for Study 4) contains the same group of participants as Dataset 3, including variables on polysomnography parameters and processed data on electroencephalogram band power. There are two datasets for Study 5 (long and wide format). Both datasets contain data for an intervention study conducted on insomnia patients with evening chronotype. Data included patient’s self-report questionnaire, clinical-rated measures, notes from clinical interviews, sleep diary, and actigraphy data. 

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