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Supporting data for "Compensation, Diversion, and the Conservation-Development Tradeoff, Field Evidence from China"

posted on 2021-06-15, 06:51 authored by Mengqiao Wang

My thesis entitled “Compensation, Diversion, and the Conservation-Development Tradeoff: Field Evidence from China” explores how human society responds to the Conservation-Development Tradeoff (CDT) in two parts.

Folder 1 contains part 1 on the interview study, including the Introduction on the research question, case selection logic, the implementation of the interview on the field, the results, the interview questions and the responses to the designed questionnaire from the interviewees.

Folder 2 contains part 2 on the survey study, including introduction on the research question, survey design, data collection, the results (with three figures), and data set collected from online survey paltforms.


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