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Reason: The dataset consists of patients' demographic data

Supporting data for “Cone-beam computed tomography imaging for detection and visualization of anatomical landmarks and pathological findings of the maxillary sinus: possibilities and limitations”.

posted on 2022-01-25, 16:40 authored by Kuo Feng Hung, Mike Yiu Yan LeungMike Yiu Yan Leung, Liuling Hui, Michael Marc Bornstein

The datasets consist of six sets respectively collected to (1) assess the frequency, location, and morphology of accessory maxillary sinus ostia, (2) assess location and dimensions of mucous retention cysts in the maxillary sinus, (3) assess the performance of a 3D convolutional neural network in automatic detection and segmentation of maxillary sinus lesions on CBCT images, (4) assess the bone graft volume needed for maxillary sinus floor elevation, (5) assess the frequency of and reasons for retaking CBCT scans, and (6) assess patient dose of CBCT scans for different imaging tasks.