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Supporting data for “DEPDC1B Promotes Melanoma Angiogenesis and Metastasis through Sequestration of Ubiquitin Ligase CDC16 to Stablize Secreted SCUBE3”

posted on 2022-06-14, 04:50 authored by Feng Hu, Martin Chi Hang CheungMartin Chi Hang Cheung

1. The uncropped films of western blot results are collected in one PDF file. Each target of the detected protein and the size of the protein is labeled beside the image on the blank region. And the treatment information is also listed above or below each raw image on the blank areas. All images match with the thesis western blot data. 

2. The immunofluorescent images of the tissue microarray (TMA) with separate channels and merged ones. The name of the image describes the sample type and position on the array. The color and target of proteins detected are labeled on the images. The colors are pseudocolor and therefore protein identities are listed for easy recognization. The TMA was purchased from and the catalog number is Me1004h. Each file name corresponds with the position in the array.         

3. The raw images of the functional assay images. Assays include CFA (colony formation assay), HUVEC assays (human umbilical vascular endothelial cell tube formation assay) and invasion assay. The treatment group abbreviation is as described below. All images are the raw data and can be quantified by Image J software.


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