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Reason: Because the data is going to publish in a research article.

Supporting data for “Development of Therapeutic Approach to Wilson’s Disease Using Liposome-encapsulated Curcumin”

posted on 2021-08-17, 02:10 authored by Wai In HoWai In Ho
The aim of this research project is to develop a novel treatment for Wilson's disease using liposome-encapsulated curcumin. The treatment effect of liposome-encapsulated curcumin was evaluated in Atp7b mutated Wilson's disease cell and mouse model. The dataset contains summarized raw data and figures including the microscope images of Wilson's disease patient specific iPSC derived hepatocyte-like-cells, in-vivo fluorescence images, plasma concentration of biochemical parameters, plasma cytokine profile, flow cytometry data, histological data and mass spectrometry results of copper content in liver, urine and feces.