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Reason: This folder contains patient number, gender, medical history, and medical records

Supporting data for “Digital Healthcare Technology for Precision Oncology: development of artificial intelligence-driven clinical models to predict prognosis for oral squamous cell carcinoma”

posted on 2024-05-21, 01:18 authored by Chui Shan ChuChui Shan Chu

The data for the thesis consists of separate files for chapters 2, 3, and 4. The Chapter 2, 3, 4 specifically contains different sets of data, including:

1. Patient data: patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma from the Queen Mary Hospital (Chapter 2)

2. Brightfield vs confocal images: tumor and non-tumor images (Chapter 3)

3. Intrarater reliability: tumor images (Chapter 3)

4. Waveform analysis: comparisons among early recurrence, late/no recurrence, and non-tumor groups (Chapter 3)

5. 512x512 images: brightfield and confocal images in 512x512 pixels from oral cancer patients (Chapter 3)

6. Biocompatibility and cell migration: 2.5D cell culture for SCC15 cell line (Chapter 4)

7. Colony assay: 2D cell culture for SCC15 cell line (Chapter 4)

8. Scanning electron microscopy (Chapter 4)

9. Wound healing assay (Chapter 4)