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Supporting data for "Disulfide-bond Assisted Peptide Ligation for Chemical Protein Synthesis"

posted on 2022-08-30, 07:58 authored by Jiamei LiuJiamei Liu, Xuechen LiXuechen Li

Chemical protein synthesis serves as a powerful approach for protein preparation and modifications. It can provide atom-by-atom control during the whole synthesis process. Peptides with aggregation tendency show poor solubility during the purification and ligation step, which greatly challenges chemical protein synthesis.  In addition, another major problem of chemical protein synthesis is inefficient chemical ligations. As peptides become long, the difficulty in dissolving peptides in the ligation buffer to achieve high peptide concentration increases, leading to inferior ligation performance. In this context, we have developed methods to deal with this two major issues.

In this dataset, we show the details of the reducible solubilizing tags strategy and the disulfide-bond assisted peptide ligation method, containing the reagents, general methods, synthetic route, related protocols, and characterizations.  


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