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Supporting data for "Doing Self With Others: Transgender Existence and the Family in Contemporary Taiwan"

posted on 2024-05-09, 01:32 authored by Jona Malin Barabas TjernstromJona Malin Barabas Tjernstrom

This qualitative study is one of the first of its kind to extensively examine the life experiences of transgender individuals and their immediate family members in Taiwan, illuminating how transgressive gender identity is accomplished through and mediated by interpersonal connections. The research is based on data from in-depth interviews with transgender adults (n=27) and parents of transgender adults (n=9), in addition to 100+ hours of ethnographic participant observation in online and offline Taiwanese trans community spaces over the course of two years (2020–2022). The thesis explores how transgender interviewees formed their subjective gender identity through both autonomous and social negotiations, and how they conveyed their subjective gender identity to family through direct and tacit methods of communication. Parents’ experiences of having a transgender child are also examined.

This dataset includes: 1) field notes from ethnographic observation; 2) interview outline for in-depth interviews; 3) metadata from individual interviews, including interviewee pseudonym, age, interview duration, and geographical region.


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