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Reason: There are sensitive data (i.e., the survey results) of my study participants including their demographics information such as gender and their occupational information.

Supporting data for "Double-edged Sword Effects of Job Design on Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Hiding: A Social Exchange Theory Perspective"

posted on 2022-01-24, 04:42 authored by Muhammad Shujahat, Minhong WangMinhong Wang
This dataset has been collected for my PhD thesis study using an online survey. It has the responses from 335 knowledge workers doing a variety of jobs across various knowledge-intensive industries of Pakistan. Of these 335 responses, 238 entries/responses, at the top of the dataset file, are from the main study while 97 responses, at the bottom of the file, are from the pilot study. Three responses out of main study are excluded because the respondents filled the survey questionnaire, however they did not provide the informed consent (ID 55, ID 143, and ID 180). Therefore, we did not consider these three responses in our data analysis. I analyzed the collected data and tested my thesis study research model using the partial least squares modelling in SmartPLS software Version 3.2.9.