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All data sets in folders of Chapter 2 - 4

Reason: The research in these chapters were based on a contract research commissioned by the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The usage of these data in the thesis has granted the permission from CEDD.

Supporting data for "Ecological restoration of artificial seawalls via ecological engineering approaches and the potential impact of global warming on a desirable ecosystem function"

posted on 2023-03-21, 01:49 authored by Chi Chiu LoChi Chiu Lo

The data sets (chapter 2 - 4) described how epbiotic diversity on ecological engineered features (ecological engineered panels, armouring unit and oyster baskets) retrofitted to aritificial shoreline (vertical and riprap seawall) changed overtime against control treatments in Ma Liu Shui, Sai Kung and Lung Kwu Tan, as data was collected in quarterly manner.

The biodiversity of the enhanced trial sites with the features and two other unmodified stretches of seawall in each region was also surveyd at the end of the monitoring period. (Chapter 2 - 3)

The biofiltration of the fouling organisms in the oyster bags and shell bags deployed was accessed and analyzed. and the survivalibility of the oysters deployed in the oyster baskets was also monitored (Chapter 4)

The thermal dependent biofiltration data of mussel and oyster from previous studies were extracted and analyzed to simulate how ocean warming might affect their biofiltration function in the future. (Chapter 5)


Contract research commissioned by the Civil Engineering and Development Department of HKSAR