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Supporting data for “Effect of interfacial properties on soil water infiltration”

posted on 2022-08-04, 03:58 authored by Xin Xing

Hydrophobic soils have a low affinity for water and inhibit water infiltration. Soil hydrophobicity is related to undesirable consequences such as enhanced soil erosion and increased risk of debris flows. However, the waterproof properties of hydrophobized soils delivers favorable applications as shallow covers or barriers. The application of hydrophobized soils in geotechnical engineering is constrained by the water entry pressure (the pressure at which water breaks into the pores).  This thesis provides various insights into the effect of interfacial properties on soil water infiltration.  The results provide a fundamental basis to model and design hydrophobized soils for ground applications. Uniquely, it also demonstrates the conditions under which water infiltration can be controlled in soils, by testing methods that promote or hinder water infiltration in hydrophobized soils.

This dataset support the this thesis entitled Effect of interfacial properties on soil water infiltration

There are four folders in the main folder:

Folder 1: Support data for water entry pressure study     

Include data summary (figures and tables) in docx.   


Folder 2: Support data for permeability study   

Include SEM images in tif.     Include data summary (figures) in docx. Include files of Roughness measurements, which can be open with F3D Viewer software.


Folder 3: Support data for surfactant study  

Include photos of droplets in bmp.

Folder 4: Support data for electrowetting study 

Include data in xlsx.


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