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Reason: The researcher intends to secure the privacy of his teacher and student participants. However, in many transcripts and student assignments, their personal identifiers might be revealed and identified.

Supporting data for Effects of Teacher Collaboration on Teaching and Learning in the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Classroom

posted on 2022-05-13, 02:07 authored by Xiaochen RuiXiaochen Rui

This dataset includes data collected for a PhD project, which comprises transcript data, artifacts, and some numerical data. To specify, the observational data consist of teacher collaboration workshop and meeting transcripts, classroom transcripts, teacher and student interview transcripts. These data may present, for example, what happened between participating teachers and how their preparation affected their teaching practices in the classroom. The artifacts data consist of class handouts and other related materials, student assignments, which may caputure what was used in the teaching and learning process and may reflect student learning. The numerical data include descriptive and inferential statistical analysis results, which may reflect student learning progress, if any.


Postgraduate Scholarship, granted by the University of Hong Kong


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