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Supporting data for "Elucidating Coronavirus and Virus-host Interaction in Bat and Human Intestinal Organoids"

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posted on 2023-02-09, 04:19 authored by Xiaojuan LiuXiaojuan Liu, Zhixin WanZhixin Wan, Cun LiCun Li, Jie ZhouJie Zhou

 In contrast to various pathologies in human coronavirus infections, bats appear to host coronaviruses in an asymptomatic manner, indicating a distinct profile of virus-host interaction in bats. Moreover, coronaviruses, show enteric tropism in humans and animals, especially in bats, as most bat coronaviruses were identified from fecal specimens.The lack of a robust and biological-relevant in vitro model has been a hurdle for studying numerous bat coronaviruses and elucidating virus-host interactions in human and bat cells. We conducted a series of studies to investigate coronavirus infections and virushost interaction in bat and human intestinal organoids.  


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