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Reason: My submitted files are sensitive and confidential data (i.e. interview scripts and response from study participants)

Supporting data for "English Teachers’ Emotions and Identity in Rural Primary Schools in Mainland China: A Critical Narrative Ethnographic Study"

posted on 2023-06-07, 08:54 authored by Zhuoxi CaoZhuoxi Cao

The present study aims to explore the complexities and multiplicities of rural English teachers’ emotional experiences in mainland China.  My employment of data generation strategies, including the emotion diary, conversations, participant observation, and document collection was not to simplify participants’ understanding of their emotional experiences to mere cultural patterns and values but to account for the messiness of the three teachers’ emotional experiences. This was in line with the critical narrative ethnographic approach I adopted, which assumes that teachers engage in messy processes of meaning making of their emotional experiences being shaped by and shaping social practice. This datasets contains nine audio recordings of conversations (each lasts 2 to 2.5 hours), conversation transcripts (about 200pages),  emotion diary entries (57entries),  participant observations (353pages) and collected documents(20pages). 


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