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Supporting data for ''Evaluating retinal and choroidal vascularity changes in active and passive smokers over 50 years old: a population-based study in Hong Kong''

posted on 2022-08-31, 09:05 authored by In Kwan Angell HoIn Kwan Angell Ho, Jonathan Cheuk Hung Chan

The raw data include the demographic characteristics, systemic diseases and ocular information of the participants who were finally enrolled in the study. Additionally, the data include a sheet explaining the coding of different variables. These data were analysed to evaluate retinal and choroidal vascularity changes between non-smokers, active smokers and passive smokers, and to identify influence factors of choroidal vascularity index (CVI) such as age, gender, BMI and vascular systemic diseases. Additionally, the data were used to obtain reference values of normal CVI for Chinese ≥50 years of age in Hong Kong.