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Semi-structured interviews with elderly people

Reason: This data contains personal informations of elderly people, by which the confidentiality of such data have been promised by the informed HREAS consent.

Supporting data for “Everyday life mooring: Hong Kong Elderlies’ (im)mobilities in public open space”

posted on 2022-09-09, 03:47 authored by Po Sheung YuPo Sheung Yu

This study adopted mobility theories to investigate the relationship between elderly people and public open space in Hong Kong. In doing so, qualitative methods, which are semi-structured interviews and (participant) observations, are adopted for the research methods. The data is collected from two Hong Kong areas, which are Wong Tai Sin District and Fanling / Sheung Shui New Town. The dataset consists of 4 files, including audio-recordings of interview, transcripts of interviews, photos from observation and videos from observation. There are 29 audio-recordings of interview (in Cantonese) and transcripts of interviews (in Chinese) respectively. For the imaging, there are 299 photos and 33 videos.