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Supporting data for “Exploring the spatio-temporal patterns and drivers of plant thermoregulation capability on a global scale”

posted on 2023-07-04, 01:51 authored by Zhengfei GuoZhengfei Guo

For my PhD thesis, I have collected a range of data from various sources. 

1). I collected data from two forest sites, Mount Changbai and Xishuangbanna Mountain. These sites were chosen due to their unique ecological characteristics and the importance of understanding the response of forest ecosystems to environmental change. The data collected from these sites include measurements of various ecological parameters such as canopy temperature, relative humidity, and leaf spectra.

2). I utilized data from the public scientific community, specifically the FLUXNET 2015 dataset. This dataset contains energy, water, and carbon fluxes, which can be used to derive plant canopy temperatures and study the way plants respond to environmental change. This data was particularly useful for analyzing the impact of climate change on forest ecosystems.

3). I utilized satellite imagery from public websites such as MODIS surface temperature data, leaf area index data, and some reanalysis data. This data allowed me to analyze changes in forest ecosystems over large spatial scales and provided valuable insights into the ways in which environmental change impacts forest dynamics.

Overall, the combination of data collected at the forest sites, publicly available scientific datasets, and satellite imagery provided a robust and comprehensive dataset for my PhD thesis, allowing for a thorough analysis of the impacts of environmental change on forest ecosystems.


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