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Reason: The reason for the embargo on the files is that the results obtained from the data are currently pending publication in a scientific journal. In order to ensure that the publication process proceeds smoothly and that the data is not prematurely released, an embargo has been put in place until the publication is finalized.

Supporting data for "FTO modulates the transition from pro-inflammation towards recovery by regulating Socs1 m6A methylation under mechanical microenvironments"

posted on 2023-03-21, 07:43 authored by Zhekai HuZhekai Hu

The present dataset comprises information relevant to the research work titled "FTO regulation of Socs1 m6A methylation modulates the shift from pro-inflammatory to recovery phase under mechanical microenvironments." This dataset is instrumental in generating comprehensive visual representations and understanding cellular morphology. The primary aim of this study was to investigate the potential interplay between macrophage activation, m6A modification, and Socs1 modification concerning the transition from pro-inflammation to the recovery phase under macrophage activation.


Does modulation of Eph-ephrin signalling help treated periodontium recover from previous inflammatory status?

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