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Supporting data for "Flexible Polymer-based Thermoelectric Materials: From Electronic to Ionic carriers"

posted on 2023-06-26, 03:08 authored by Qikai LiQikai Li


The study aims to explore flexible polymer-based thermoelectric materials, which have received much attention for directly harvesting waste heat to power wearable electronics and Internet-of-Things sensors. The polymer-based thermoelectric materials include electronic conductive polymer films (e-TE) and quasi-solid-state ionic thermoelectric gels (i-TE).  In this study, I have systematically investigated flexible polymer-based thermoelectric materials using electrons and ions as energy carriers, respectively.  

The data files provide the supporting data for this study, composed of two main parts. First, the PEDOT:PSS based e-TE materials. Second, the Pam-Alg, agarose and gelatin based i-TE materials. 

The data files include not only the basic thermoelectric performances measurements and also the structural characterizations by different methods for those different types of materials.